Real reviews about Chanel 22 handbag

Chanel 22bag, also known as the garbage bag. The “22bag” is the second bag to be named after the year in which it was created, following the 19bag.

This bag was launched with a certain significance, and was designed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the No°22 perfume launched in 1922.Most of the bag is made of oiled waxed leather or calf leather, very soft, retaining the classic shriveled pattern, the double C logo, the classic leather through the chain.The mouth of the bag has been changed from a traditional zipper to a drawstring closure with a magnetic buckle to enhance security, and the size of the mouth can be adjusted by the drawstring.There is a removable small pouch, can be loaded with some small items, such as ID cards, bank cards, change, etc., this design takes into account the small items are not easy to find and design, relatively more humane; capacity is also larger than the capacity of the traditional bag, and more practical.

We have collected ten real Chanel buyers, let’s see what they have to say about this bag!

Ashy said,the Chanel 22 bag, in comparison, has a shape,versatility, and buzz all its own, bringing a casual, evenbohemian flare to the always-dressed fashion house.
Although my bag may look casual, it still has all thestaples of classic Chanel design. The Chanel 22 bagcomes complete with the quilted leather of Chanelhandbags we’ve come to know and love.
The main selling point of the bag, though, is itscavernous capacity. As far as big bags go, the Chanel22 offers a chic option that luxuriously upgrades andelevates your everyday bag into an all-encompassingpurse.l can easily store all my daily essentials inside,with space to spare for a pair of heels l can wear to mydate night!


Jessica thinks,i appreciate the quality of the calfskin, the comfort ofthe straps, and the large zippered pocket. the bag isversatile and can be worn as a clutch or a large bag.the bag is practical and stylish, with four pockets and asimple, classic design.it can be used for both daily errands and long walks.The only downside is that it is heavier than other bagsand it may not be the best choice for people who wanta bag that is lightweight and dainty.


Avianna purchased the mini size 22 tote bag, about which she thinks,this is the Chanel 22 bag which was named after theyear it was created-2022. lt is made from shinyCalfskin & Gold-Tone Metal. The bag is embellishedwith an interlaced chain that allows for multiple carryingoptions, including over the shoulder, crossbody, andeven as a backpack.The bag has an understandablystraightforward design and construction.The Chanel 22 is spacious enough to hold everydaynecessities, has a sophisticated form that won’t go outof style quickly, and is adaptable enough to be usedfrom day to night. The bag has a stylish silver orlacquered Chanel emblem and a medallion charm withthe iconic CC logo.Since this one is big enough, l always carry thiswhenever Ihave lots of stuff to bring. The Chanel 22bag appears to be a real work of art and is ideal foradding to a wishlist. So, if you’re looking for a sign tobuy this bag, this is it.


Emily she said,I’m actually happier than l was buying Hermes!!The first time l saw it, l thought it was ugly and themore l saw it, the more l thought about it, the longerlwaited in line.Personally think gold is better than white cortex, itseems to be a little difference, medium size and smallsize are actually very nice ~Small shoulder strap longer some more suitable forautumn and winter wear thick clothes back, mediumsize some spring and summer suitable ~There is no problemwith the 13 inch macbook pro capacity, back to work,class, library can, like!


Sylvia, who also purchased the mini’s 22 tote bag, said that,one of the standout features of this bag is its compactsize. The Mini 22 Bag is perfect for those who prefer asmaller and more practical option without sacrificing style.Despite its smaller size, it still offers enoughspace to carry your essentials, making it ideal for bothday and evening wear.I’ve been eyeing this bag for a while as it matches mostof my outfits. The craftsmanship of the Chanel Mini 22Bag is exceptional, as expected from Chanel. Theyellow calfskin is beautifully crafted and the goldhardware adds a touch of sophistication. The iconic interwoven chain and leather strap are not only stylish,but also functional, allowing for easy crossbody orshoulder carrying.

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