We sell counter quality or 1:1 replicas, the best replicas in the replica market, the next better choice is only genuine.

We only sell the best replicas and our prices reflect the level of quality. We sell counter quality or 1:1 reproductions and we guarantee that what you pay for will be proportional to what you end up with!

Our bags and wallets come with a box, authentication cards, and when available pamphlets. Not all brands send pamphlets so we only send the items you can expect with the original.

Our Bags and wallets are guaranteed to be 100% made of real leather which is imported to match that of the original brand. We use a range of leathers depending on what is used by the authentic brand on the original bag.

We guarantee that you will receive the product as pictured, as the saying goes “what you see is what you get”. We don’t use images as decoys like most sites that sell low-quality replicas.

Many websites will brag about their merchandise is of a higher quality because they buy them in ltaly, Thailand or Korea rather than China. This is not true. All designer replica handbags are made in China; they are more expensive in ltaly, Thailand or Korea because they are imported from China. This amounts to more middlemen and higher costs. Our job is to bring Replica Handbags directly from the manufacturer to the customer abroad.

If the Louis Vuitton bags you find on E-bay are real, then they are used. You can only buy new, authentic Louis Vuitton merchandise from an authorized Louis Vuitton dealer like www.neimanmarcus.com. We strongly recommend that you ask for proof before believing claims of authenticity. Most of the Louis Vuitton bags sold on E-bay are replicas similar to ours but of poorer quality.

We add new products every week, and there are still many products that have not been released. Please feel free to contact us via Email:[email protected]  for more brands and products not yet released in the Bluegisse online store.

Do not be deceived by the background on pictures. Most of the factories in China(Guangdong) use that same picture studio to take their product pictures, but it does not mean they have our quality. Everyone has their own quality and ours is undoubtably the best you can find.