About our online store

Years of accumulation bring you better products.

Before opening this online store that sells a wide range of designer items, we specialized in replica sales in brick and mortar stores. We have spent years searching for the best suppliers and the best commodities from Hong Kong and Guangdong, and building a complete supply chain. Finally, we get in touch with the cooperating factories (OEM) of major brands through some relationships. OEM factories produce authentic products. We get inventory from them. Therefore, all our products use the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as genuine products, such as genuine leather.

Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that genuine products have serial numbers and anti-counterfeiting codes. No matter how authentic our products look, they are still called Relice, because a product cannot be certified by a serial number, then it is never authentic.

When we had enough high-quality supply chain resources on hand, the idea of expanding our business began to surface. Since we already have so many good resources, why not use them more fully? And so the bluegisse online store you're browsing was born!

Why choose Bluegisse

You feel our site products are expensive than others?

Tell us, what kind of quality you looking for?

If compare with the price, our products definitely can’t fight with other.

If compare with quality, definitely ours are real enough and can’t be differentiated by eyes or even touching, we only do genuine leather products, no faux or remanufactured leather. those selling 200S wont able to show you 3-4 mins long videos as well. because they don’t have quality guarantee, they not dare to show every details in zoom in shot.

You want a trusted seller who can guarantee you quality, guarantee you will receive your bag with satisfaction, and show you up to thousands videos with 3-4 mins duration, or you Prefer to spend 200S for few times to try your luck, purchase from different sellers who selling cheaper, and wait for months or years but the sellers never ship you 1 after getting your money, or to get a bag that totally out of your expectation? (Thanks to some of our customers shared their bad experiences with us), and we know and understand what a customer Want.

We show you long videos of real snap of exact goods we are selling, we zoom in every details of the bag, we guarantee leather used are genuine. No remanufactured, or Faux leather.

We guarantee every bag we do we copy exact as the original ones.

We guarantee you will receive our bag, we guarantee no fraud.

Share us your time, follow us, stay with us, observe us, in instagram or youtube for weeks, gain trust with us.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.


We would all love to have a Hermes Birkin, but frankly, not many of us can afford one. The same can be said for Rolex watches and Tiffany rings. But, what if you could have convincing replicas that were the equivalent in quality but only a fraction of the price? Our aim is to bring you all of the finest designs from the world of luxury goods but to offer them at affordable prices. It is a simple premise, but it has taken us years to find the best replicas in the world. We’re proud of the products on our site. We always offer the latest fashion goods as soon as we can get our hands on it.

We are still trying our best to get in touch with other designer original equipment manufacturers, so may you wish us luck and provide more varities for all of you.


There’s a very good reason why malls are so popular: you can get the thing you desire for with a worth price. Why drive all over town to do shopping when you can go to one place? We brought the same logic to online shopping. Why surf the web aimlessly when you can get all of your fashion needs in one spot? You can just sitting at cafe and buy the good you want at our store online, sitting at home just wait for your package to reach your doorstep.


There are tons of replicas on the market, some of them pretty good. However, you should know that we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our entire product line is a mile ahead of the competition.

We paid special attention to the interior and exterior design of the replica. Whenever you buy a replica handbag from a competitor, you will easily notice the difference from the original. But that's not the case with our replicas. We only use the same materials and craftsmanship as the genuine product, and have made many improvements in detail, so even a trained eye cannot spot the difference. In fact, no one will know that you are carrying a replica unless you specifically tell others. It's our hard work, dedication and desire for perfection that sets us apart. When you combine this with the fact that we deliver products within 5-10 days and offer a 7-day return service, you've truly found your preferred provider of replicas.


We all clearly know the reason why more and more people turn their attention on replica goods instead of the authentic one . We offer you high quality goods with affordable price by firm fair pricing policy, so please don’t worry you will buy overpriced items in Bluegisse.


Everybody needs a little certainty now and then. This is especially the case when shopping on line. We know that when you shop online you want to be certain that what you’re getting is legitimate and that you aren’t going to have to deal with shipping hassles. This is why we guarantee our product quality and shipping efficiency. You’ll get what you want, or you’ll get your money back without any hassles.

We’ve been working hard trying to make a website that is a wonderful and comfortable place to come and shop. We hope you like what you find here.

To all of you, from all of us at Bluegisse Store – Thank you and Enjoy your shopping here!


We have selected the fast and safe shipping company for you. Whatever where you are, we just need 5 or 10 days to ship the package to your hand, not only in time but also in good condition.


We have the best experience in the replica industry, we provide not only the best replica goods but also the best services. If you have any problem, please free contact us. Without doubt, our services staff will do the best to meet your needs and solve problems.